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This Privacy statement is about the services of WinWinWerkt. This also includes the websites of our Partner LABELS: WinWinWerkt.nl | Vacature Service MKB | 65plus Werkt | Onbekend Talent | WerkWeb.net.

Connect talent with vacancy so that Win (employee) Win (organization) Works! This is what WinWinWerkt stands for. WinWinWerkt.nl is a 'recruitment marketing & recruitment service' platform of collaborating labor market specialists. With our services we help 'organizations and future employees to find each other and connect successfully'.


Before you register yourself as a job seeker and start using our services, we ask you to take note of this Privacy statement and the information for job seekers. With your open application and with a job application for one of our labels (not from advertisers) you will be asked to agree with this Privacy statement.

If you are an employer and you are interested in our services, we ask you to take note of this Privacy statement and the information for employers.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Statement, we are happy to answer them. Send an email to contact@winwinwerkt.nl o.v.v. Privacy declaration. State your telephone number and a brief explanation of your question. We will contact you.

Thank you for reading!

Michal van Dantzig

Version 1.3 dated November 2021.

Version 1.2 dated August 2018.

Version 1.1 dated May 2018.

1. General

1.1. Identity.

WinWinWerkt is the responsible person within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and - with effect from 25 May 2018 - the General Data Protection Regulation. This Privacy Statement provides information about the collection and processing of personal data by or on behalf of WinWinWerkt. WinWinWerkt is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 52670511.

1.2 Why this Privacy statement?

We process your personal data for our services. We attach great importance to your privacy and we will treat your personal data confidentially and with due care. Personal data is processed in accordance with the legal provisions such as the Personal Data Protection Act, and the General Data Protection Regulation, as of 25 May 2018. In this Privacy statement we want to tell you more about how we handle your personal data.

1.3 Changes.

We can change our privacy policy. We will adjust changes to our privacy policy in the Privacy Statement. We therefore recommend that you regularly read our current privacy statement regarding changes.

1.4 Applicability of the Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement provides information about the processing of personal data by or on behalf of WinWinWerkt and only applies to the use of personal data of its customers and visitors to the website (s). This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party websites, such as websites or apps that WinWinWerkt refers to on its website and in its mailings. For more information about this you can best turn to the privacy statements of those websites or apps.
1.5 Careful, confidential and respectful treatment of your data.

We believe it is important to inform you properly, in simple language, what the reason is for collecting information (what purpose), what happens to it and how it is stored and protected. We hereby adhere to the AVG guidelines. This Privacy Statement describes how we handle your data as well as possible. First and foremost, your data will be treated with care, confidentiality and respect.

Because the collection of different data, for different groups, with different goals, we divide this by group and / or purpose. At the end of this Privacy Statement, you will read an explanation tailored to the group and / or purpose.

1.6 What happens to your data?

We will never sell your information. We will not give your information to third parties without you having been informed and given permission. You give permission if you use our services. We do this exclusively for the intended purpose of which you are aware yourself by registering with WinWinWerkt.nl (job seeker), applying with WinWinWerkt.nl (or one of the labels), placing a vacancy (employer) or is going to work as a temporary worker. You can read more about this at the end of this document, an explanation per group and / or / purpose.

1.7 Is your data shared with third parties?

Yes, only if this is necessary because of a legal obligation (for example, the tax authorities) or a legitimate interest, such as reasonable business operations. Examples are: bank (payment processing), tax adviser and accounting software (access to invoices with address data), newsletter software (digital newsletter for which you are specifically registered and can always unsubscribe) and Google Analytics (analysis of website visit data). For a further explanation of sharing data with third parties, we refer to the end of this document, an explanation per group and / or / purpose.

1.8 Processors.

Processors are organizations with which we share personal data in the context of our business operations. The following processors are of great importance for the services of WinWinWerkt. With these processors we share personal information that goes beyond name and (email) address. Processing agreements have been concluded with these processors. These are reputable companies that handle your data with the utmost care on our behalf. We call them by name and provide an explanation of what they do for WinWinWerkt.

Otys is the software supplier of our Content Relationship Management System (specifically for recruitment companies). This software makes it possible for us to perform our services. The data of job seekers, vacancies, relations (clients and candidates and network contacts) are stored on secure servers managed by Otys.
One Payroll is our payroll partner for temporary and secondment assignments. If you start working as a temporary or secondment worker through the mediation of WinWinWerkt, One Payroll becomes the legal employer. They then need information that an employer needs. Read more ... Payroll partner.

1.9 Security of your data.

We take the protection of your data seriously. Your data is stored securely. Our databases (Otys and One Payroll) and computers (employees) are protected with appropriate and effective technical measures. The websites use a reliable SSL certificate. You can recognize an SSL connection by the lock and the word "safe" for the URL.

1.10 How long will your data be stored?

No longer than necessary to achieve the goals for which your data is collected. This differs per group and / or goal.
1.11 Something is wrong, do you want to view your data or have it deleted?

Contact us and we will arrange it for you within 10 working days at the latest. If you see reason, you can object to the processing of your personal data and / or submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

2. Candidates

The objective is job placement.
Retention period is "until you unsubscribe yourself". You will receive an automated reminder email every six months. If your email address is no longer correct, your data will be automatically deleted.

2.1 Register as a job seeker on WinWinWerkt.nl.

The advantage of registering is that some vacancies are filled from our database of job seekers. Not all vacancies from our partners are published. And of course you can then participate in the Talent Window and be found by employers. If you register yourself as a job seeker on the WinWinWerkt.nl website, then we want to know information about you that is important for our employment services. We will keep the obligatory questions of the registration forms as brief as possible. The details of your resume are included in our CRM system. You will receive a password with which you can make changes to your profile yourself. If you want us to delete your registration, you can change it in your 'availability' profile. If you set this to 'no longer available + always, we will delete all data, including documents such as resumes and photos and e-mails. It is also possible to put your registration on passive because you have a temporary job or are temporarily unavailable for another reason. You will continue to receive the reminder e-mail (see 2.2.).

2.2 Unsubscribe and reminder email of your registration.

Every 6 months (standard) you will receive an automated e-mail message that alerts you to your registration with WinWinWerkt.nl. You can adjust the frequency that you want to receive this message in your profile. If your email address has been changed and this is unknown to us (the email will be returned as an undeliverable one), your profile will be automatically deleted. If you want to unsubscribe, you can adjust this in your profile. See 2.1.

2.3 Participating in the Talenten Etalage for candidates Onbekend Talent.

If you are supervised by a network partner 'reintegration specialist' from Onbekend Talent, your anonymous talent profile will be included in the Talenten Etalage se of WinWinWerkt as part of your supervision. This way you can be found by employers who contact your supervisor. By registering you agree to the publication of your anonymous talent profile.

2.4 Applying to labels (partners) of WinWinWerkt.

If you apply for a job from a label (partner) of WinWinWerkt, your details will be included in the WinWinWerkt database in the form of your own profile. You will receive a login code and can make changes to your profile. See 2.1. When applying, you will be asked if you want to participate in the Talent Shop window. See 2.3.

By applying, you give us permission to share your details such as your resume and motivation letter and what you tell us during the interview with the client for the vacancy. We draw the attention of the employer to the fact that he or she must deal with your application and data in accordance with the AVG. However, we are not responsible for this. We cannot do more than expressly point this out to our clients. We do this in our quotation and order confirmation.

2.5 Vacancy alerts.

Do you not want to register as a job seeker, but would like to be informed directly by mail if a suitable vacancy comes online? Then you can create job alerts. We ask for your name and email address. This data is included in our CRM system. You can edit and delete job alerts yourself (log in). If there are no more job alerts, your data will disappear from our CRM system. Incidentally, if you are registered as a job seeker, we also recommend creating job alerts.

2.6 Applying to advertisers on WinWinWerkt.nl.

WinWinWerkt offers the possibility to publish vacancies (advertising) on WinWinWerkt.nl. You then apply directly with the employer or with the intermediary. The 'apply details' are then in the vacancy. WinWinWerkt (partners) is not involved in this application process. You do not enter the WinWinWerkt database.

2.7 Working as a temporary worker.

If you start working as a temporary worker through our mediation, our payroll partner One Payroll will become the legal employer. WinWinWerkt requests the required data from you and enters it in the CRM system of One Payroll. Special data such as your passport, Citizen Service Number and bank account are only stored in the CRM system of One Payroll, the legal employer. We also store your other contact details as we have previously known in our CRM system. See also ‘processors 1.7.

2.8 Why do we want to save candidate data?

When we receive assignments (vacancies), we start searching for potential suitable candidates in our database. Even if you are working well, you may still be open to a job change in the future. We send candidates an email in which we alert them to the vacancy. Of course we also search outside of our database by publishing vacancies. If you set up vacancy alerts, you will immediately receive an email with the hyperlink to the vacancy when the vacancy comes online.

3. Websites and marketing activities

The goal is marketing activities and keeping in touch.
Retention period does not apply. Contact details are taken over in our CRM system. See 4.

3.1. What happens during the visit to our website (s)?

The IP address is registered when you visit our website (s). If you fill in a contact form and / or use the services of WinWinWerkt (including labels), your personal data will be processed such as for example first name, last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. We logically use your name and contact details to maintain contact and to inform you about relevant service-related issues.

Technical and functional cookies are used to make our websites work properly and to guarantee ease of use. In addition, general visitor data is recorded via Google Analytics, including the IP address. A cookie is a small and simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you first visit a website. Via the settings of your internet browser you can opt out of cookies (no longer save), delete all previously saved information, and have a notification sent when a cookie is sent. Please note that some websites may function less well if you disable all cookies.

3.2 Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics, visitor and click behavior on our various websites is analyzed. That information is stored by Google on servers in the United States and processed in reports on the functioning of the website. You can find their privacy policy with more information on the websites of Google and Google Analytics. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or to the extent that such third parties process the information on Google's behalf. We have no influence on this.

3.3 Contact form website (s).

With a contact form we only request information that is required to contact you such as name (company name / contact person), email and telephone number. This data is included in our CRM system so that we can reach you and our mutual e-mails are saved. If you do not want this (anymore) you can let us know. We then delete all data.

3.4 Mailchimp mailing list.

We use mailchimp for our marketing activities. We hereby store the following information: First Name, Last Name, Company Name and Email Address. It is also registered how you entered our mailchimp database via opt-in. It can be used to register click behavior from our mailings.

4. Relations, clients and suppliers

The aim is to maintain contact and to store relevant information.
Retention period is as long as the relationship exists and the information stored is relevant.

4.1 Relations and prospects.

In our CRM system and on our computers we store contact details of our business relations (network contacts) and prospects. The e-mails and received documents are saved. We remove the data on request or if it appears that the relationship is outdated and the data is no longer relevant.

4.2 Clients.

In our CRM system and on our computers we store contact details and other necessary information such as agreements, bank account, chamber of commerce etc. The e-mails and received documents are retained. We remove the data if it appears that the relationship is outdated and the data is no longer relevant. The data is kept in our accounting software and / or with our payroll partner One Payroll.

4.3 Suppliers.

In our CRM system and on our computers we store contact details and other necessary information such as agreements, bank account, chamber of commerce etc.
The e-mails and received documents are saved. We remove the data if it appears that the relationship is outdated and the data is no longer relevant. The data is kept in our accounting software.
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