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Service for jobseekers

WinWinWorks.eu is the international recruitmentservice by WinWinWerkt.nl.

Looking for a specific high level (bachelor or masters) job in the Netherlands or Germany?

WinWinWorks.eu is the international recruitment sevice by WinWinWinWerkt.nl. Because of labor shortage, we are recruiting for specific (bachelor or master)  jobs for our international clients high. We are not an agency for middle level jobs. Read more About WinWinWorks.

Below you can read what WinWinWerkt.nl  can do for you as a job seeker. Our service for job seekers is free of charge. Before you start using our services, we ask you to take notice of the information below and the Privacy statement of WinWinWerkt.nl. We apologize for not having all our information in English yet. We are working on that.

Register yourself at WinWinWerkt.nl

When you apply on one of our EU-jobs, your CV and convert-letter will be in our database. You can then take part in the Talenten Etalage and be found by employers. If you want to unsubscribe, you can change this in your profile. We will delete your profile. Sign up at WinWinWerkt.nl.

Registering does not mean that you will find a job via WinWinWerkt. We award everyone a suitable job, but we can not mediate anyone. You can improve your chances by participating in the Talenten Etalage (Talent Showcase). And it is important that, if you apply for a vacancy from our partners, your motivation fits well with the vacancy. A clear CV showing that your experience and education fits in well with the requested profile is self-evident. Read tips 3 and 4 Loopbaantips en sollicitatietips.

Talenten Etalage

Found by employers, and then being invited to apply. Who does not want that? That is why WinWinWerkt offers job seekers the Talenten Etalage (Talent Showcase). Participating in the Talenten Etalage is a free of charge service for job seekers registered with WinWinWerkt. It is a free choice to participate, not compulsory. We recommend it, however, because it offers advantages.

Your talent profile is anonymous. If an employer is interested in your profile, you will be invited to apply. Only after you have applied, the employer will receive your details and full CV. View candidates in the Talenten Etalage.

Actual EU jobs

Review our actual EU-jobs. Application details are mentioned in the jobtext. Read more... Jobs open EU-talent.

Work in progress... bilingualism Dutch / English

We are transforming WinWinWerkt.nl to be a * job and talent * service platform. Part of the transformation will be bilingualism Dutch - WinWinWerkt.nl / English - WinWinWorks.eu.

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