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Participate Talent Showcase (Talenten Etalage)

Be found by employers, and then be invited to apply. Who doesn't want that? That is why WinWinWerkt offers job seekers the Talent Showcase (Talenten Etalage).

Participating in the Talent Showcase is a free extra service for candidates who are registered with WinWinWerkt. It is a free choice to participate, not required. However, we recommend it because it increases your chances of finding a job that fits well with what you are looking for.

Your talent profile is anonymous. If an employer is interested in your profile, you will be invited to apply. Only after you have applied, the employer will receive your details and full CV.

Please complete the questions below carefully.
To add this information to your profile, we need your first name + last name + email address (with which you have registered with WinWinWerkt)..
Participating in the Talent Showcase is an extra (free) service from WinWinWerkt. Employers can respond to your anonymous profile. You will then be invited to apply. Participation is a voluntary choice, not mandatory. Answering the question yes / no is mandatory so that we know for sure what you want.
Give a consecutive list of job titles, maximum 10.
Indicate in catchwords (consecutively) what specifically characterizes you as a person in relation to your work, a maximum of 10. Like skills, expertise et cetera.
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