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International recruitment EU-talent by WinWinWorks.eu

WinWinWorks.eu is the international recruitmentservice by WinWinWerkt.nl.

In a tight labor market you need creativity and expertise!

WinWinWorks.eu is the international EU recruitmentservice by Service Platform WinWinWerkt.nl.

In a short period of time the labor market in the Netherlands and Germany became very tight. For positions where the official language is English, the EU talentpool is a great source to find your highly qualified ideal employees. Our expertise and creative approach to the labor market will bring in your ideal new employees.

EU-talentpool for vacancies in the Netherlands

Do you have a problem hiring qualified employees? We will be happy to help you. We will recruit in the Netherlands and abroad in EU country's. Contact Michal van Dantzig michal.van.dantzig@winwinwerkt.nl.

EU-talentpool for vacancies in Germany

For our international recruitmentservice we work closely together with The Beaumont Group Germany, Tamar Grünewald. Tamar is experienced in the international recruitment of professionals and specialists on middle and higher management level in Germany.

Do you have a problem hiring qualified employees? We will be happy to help you. We will recruit in Germany and abroad in EU country's. Contact Tamar Grünewald.

Information for job seekers

Are you looking for an international job in the Netherlands or Germany?  Read our information in English for jobseekers.

We gladly accept your invitation to connect on Linkedin. Michal van Dantzig en Tamar Grünewald-Fransman.

Work in progress... bilingualism Dutch / English

We are transforming WinWinWerkt.nl into a * job and talent * service platform. Part of the transformation will be bilingualism Dutch - WinWinWerkt.nl  / English - WinWinWorks.eu.

About WinWinWerkt.nl

Connecting talent with vacancies, that is what WinWinWerkt stands for. WinWinWerkt.nl is a Service Platform. A partner-network consisting of specialists in job placement. We work together and combine our expertise and services.

With our services we help 'organizations' and 'future employees' to find eachother and connect. Our mission is 'to create flourishing working relationships so that Win (employee) Win (organization) Works'.
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